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Wicked Christmas

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Ho ho ho? No, no, no! Global warming melts the North Pole and Santa has to find a new home. But he knows little about the modern world, since he only visits it once a year in the dead of night. Santa’s operations room is taken over by his wicked brother Stinker Claus and his evil reindeers Smasher, Slander, Prankster, Vicious, Stupid, Vomit, Dishonour and M’licious. It turns out to be a learning curve for Santa and Stinker – and both gain a new understanding of the meaning of Christmas.

AUTHOR(S): Nury Vittachi
ILLUSTRATOR(S): Harry Harrison
ISBN: 978-988-17681-1-7
FORMAT: Hard Cover, 28 pages
SIZE: 20cm x 20cm
RELEASED: January 2008