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The School Book 2013 - A Playtimes Publication


We are delighted to bring you the tenth edition of The School Book! As parents, one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your children is choosing a school. Aside from finding a school that suits your child’s temperament, you have to consider the cost, location, reputation and curriculum of the school in question. That is a difficult decision at the best of
times, but it is even more challenging when you are overseas. Where do you go for reliable information? How do you make a considered choice when the options seem overwhelming?

That’s where The School Book from Playtimes comes in. From kindergartens to primary and secondary schools, as well as special needs schools, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the options available for English language schooling in Hong Kong and China. Our go-to guide affords you the information you’ll need to make the right choice for your child, including:

• Contact details and web addresses
• Fees
• Staff-to-student ratios
• Chinese language programmes
• Admission policies
• Facilities
• General overviews of the schools and their philosophies

Only you know what education is best for your child. At Playtimes, we hope The School Book will give you the tools to help make the right choice for your family.

Thanks for reading,

Tracey Starr, Editor-in-Chief