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The Bogey Bugz - box set 1


Nobody nose where they came from. But they’re here, hand-picked to save the world. Before bedtime.

Introducing the BOGEYBUGZ - five fun-loving, thrill-seeking viral blobs on a mission to save our planet from environmental disaster in a series of madcap adventures.

Why? Because Mother Nature needs a helping hand every now and again. And who better to “pick-it for the planet” than the BOGEYBUGZ?

There’s Fizz (the fast one), Rippix (the strong one), Snort (the sleepy one), Plasmo (the clever one) and last but not least Floop (the clumsy one).

See them ride into battle with an oil slick on the backs of some friendly whales in Sticky Sea. Watch them launch soggy sheep into the air to put out a forest fire in Four Legged Clouds. Follow their abstract plans to put colour back into a smog-filled world in Grey Day. And find out what tin-foil umbrellas are for in Orange Rain.

And above all else remember, “snot hard to save the world”!

AUTHOR: Martin Lever
ISBN: 978-988-99795-7-7
FORMAT: Paperback
Box Set of 4